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Rent vs Buy

At CMFG, we firmly believe in employing your capital to work for you, and we will walk you through why buying will positively impact your future.


No matter where you live, housing payments are a necessity. However, you have control over where those payments go. When renting, you are...


Self Employed

Self employment shouldn't be a barrier to obtaining a mortgage.  We are aware that your business is generating income and may have a positive cash flow which the business does not declare. Finding a lender that can provide a suitable product can be difficult for self employed clients when it comes to income confirmation. Stability of...

Builder’s Purchase Deposit Program

We’re launching a non traditional and affordable product that will secure finance for Canadian residential buyers and builders.  After much research and planning, Canada Mortgage & Financial Group has developed an exclusive and innovative solution that has never been offered in Canada, the USA or even North America.

Developers are encouraged to...