Shariah Program

This is a partnership structure repaid with a profit share return based on capitalization, increased valuation or an agreed purchased price upon exit instead of a fixed interest rate of return and secured on real estate. The Shariah program is a vehicle to obtain returns on an interest free basis and be repaid on a agreed profit share component as co-developers. Developers can borrow with paying no interest and get projects through zoning to site plan approved or completion.

Purpose of Program: Interest free finance, joint venture, co-development – Real Estate Development transactions only.

Return: Subject to transaction type, asset class, capital request, term, borrowers contribution, experience of builders, bio of borrowers, structure, location and exit.

Security:  Registered on the property as a charge.

“Building Relationships with Trusted Partners”

  • Joint Venture Partnership
  • Buyout of another partner
  • Market and Risk Analysis
  • Underwriting/Compliance
  • Real Estate Development
  • Management and Administration
  • Acquisition and Construction
  • Legal and Compliance

Due to traditional lending restrictions, clients have limited options. Many projects are on pause either due to poor planning, lack of capital and experience. Our team of planners and consultants with over 40 years of experience will assist from acquisition to completion.