Shariah Equity Fund

As of July 17, 2017, we’ve officially launched our Shariah and Equity program. This program is a vehicle for investors to invest and obtain returns on an interest free basis and be repaid on a profit share component. Developers can borrow with paying no interest and get projects through zoning to site plan approved or completion.

CMFG Equity Fund Corp., an independent corporation

CMFG Equity Fund Corp. (CMFG) is a federal corporation holding other corporations that offer partnership shares to an individual or corporation for the purpose of real estate investment for a profit share return. The Shariah Equity Fund does not offer, trade, register, administer or sell mortgages nor do we offer syndicated mortgages under this corporation.

Purpose of Fund: Profit share structure, Interest free finance, Joint Venture, Equity Investment – Real Estate transactions only.

Return on Investment: Subject to transaction type, capital request, term, borrowers contribution, bio of guarantors and builders, executive summary, location and exit.

Shariah program: is an equity investment repaid with a profit share return based on capitalization, increased valuation or an agreed purchased price upon exit instead of a fixed interest rate of return.

Equity Program: Injecting capital into a project allowing developers increase equity for a profit share upon exit. Structure is an interest free loan hence no monthly payment or reserve payment is required.

Investment Amount: The program is only available for investors with a minimum investment amount of $300,000.00 and up.

Due to traditional lending restrictions, clients have limited options. Many projects are stuck due to poor planning and development consulting stage or lack of funds. Our team of planners and consultants with over 50 years of experience will assist from acquisition to completion.

“CMFG is always thriving to fill the gap and create options for consumers”

CMFG offers the following services:

1.  Joint Venture Partnership

2. Buyout of another partner

3. Market and Risk Analysis

4. Planning and Development Consulting

5. Architectural Services

6. Environmental/ Soil Assessment

7. Excavation and Demolition

8. Project Management

9. Sales and Marketing

10. Equity Investments

11. Fund Management and Administration

12. Acquisition and Construction Financing

13. Interest Free Capital

14. Legal and Compliance

Lending Guideline: We do not put anyone in a box nor have set guidelines therefore each transaction will be considered on deal per deal basis.

Home Financing: CMFG is working towards a home buyer fund as well. We will be offering Home Buyers this program on or before January 2018. This program will be available to home buyers with a minimum of 25% down payment. Purchase price not to exceed $2,000,000.00.