Real Estate & Planning

We will fund or facilitate financing on new or existing real estate with a primary focus on projects in Canada and the United States. We are also open to considering international projects.

Investing and leveraging are the keys to building personal wealth. We strongly recommend secure, concrete investments that you can see, touch and access without capital loss. Real Estate investments give you the opportunity to build equity, increase your assets and realize financial security. We work collaboratively with experienced realtors and builders to service our clients’ financing needs for residential and commercial properties.

Investment Opportunities
CMFG provides the opportunity to invest in our Fund so you can earn annual returns that are paid monthly. Our investments are secured against real estate and are rigorously reviewed for maximum returns and transparency.

Business Planning
We can help you plan and grow your business. We’ll facilitate access to government programs that support new businesses and we can also help arrange financing for both new and established ventures through our affiliated institutional lenders and credit unions.

Financial Planning
We develop long-term financial plans to maximize your returns and avoid financial glitches. We can help you reduce your income taxes and buy RRSPs, mutual funds or other investments that help you build personal wealth.

Debt Consolidation
Are you struggling with credit card or other high interest payments? We can help consolidate that debt into one manageable loan, often at a lower rate, and help relieve the burden.

Credit Counselling
Good credit counselling can change your life for the better. No matter what your current situation, our advisors are professionally trained in credit and financial management. Our primary goal is to help you achieve and maintain excellent credit.

Unforeseen events can cause devastating financial consequences that can be avoided by investing in the right insurance coverage. Our affiliate broker can obtain the most cost effective options ranging from Life, Auto, Home, Disability and Critical Illness.