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Starting a business is challenging and when you are a woman those barriers double in any industry. Working women face even more demands on time, energy and resources to start up a business. In addition to gender discrimination, many women find it hard to access the necessary capital for their start-ups. Our CEO, Ameera Ameerullah also struggled her way up financially and there were times where she needed a helping hand to lift her up. As a woman, being in a male-dominated industry since 2001 was not an easy one. With a never give up attitude, she ranked her way up, setting unique benchmarks in the mortgage industry and has received several accolades for her outstanding contribution.

Today, she has built several companies from the ground up and while her career has been extraordinarily successful, she manages to maintain a sense of balance in her life through family relations and a commitment to building a better life for the underprivileged and vulnerable. 

From her profit earnings, Ameera is investing in other women who need that helping hand to uplift them. With this initiative, we are offering financial support and guidance to women entrepreneurs who have a new start-up or who are looking to make their business vision a reality.

Each woman will be given up to $5000 for a small profit share, and Ameera is committed to providing ongoing mentorship and guidance to ensure they are successful.

“I understand the struggles and believe that with the leadership of women, the world will be a more nurturing and kinder place”

Ameera Ameerullah

Here at CMFG, our goal is to empower women to take on leadership roles and help them become successful so they too can become contributing members of society.

Do you know a woman who may benefit from this opportunity? Email an executive summary of your business proposal, bio and resume to

Submit your business proposal on or before February 28, 2019.