CMFG is a company built on trust, integrity, and respect. Founder and CEO, Ameerullah is the driving force of the company with an experienced team known for their execution, professionalism, and transparency. CMFG success mainly reflects on our diligence, risk management, business conduct, deliverance and quality service to borrowers and investors.

CMFG targets the alternative sector of the Canadian mortgage market by investing in shorter-term, customized mortgage loans for faster execution and more flexible terms. This segment of the Canadian borrowers market is typically under-serviced by Canadian financial institutions that are reluctant to dedicate resources to these smaller, shorter-term mortgage investments, and usually cannot provide the customization required to meet the borrowers need. Our sophisticated, service-oriented approach to lending, and by employing thorough underwriting, active management, and strong governance, we are able to meet the needs of borrowers while providing strong risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Borrowers are typically looking for financing to bridge a period of up to one year for items such as capital improvements and redevelopment of a property or for the purchase of another property and debt consolidation. Our loans are normally repaid with conventional mortgage funding from a financial institution once the applicable transition period is over or from proceeds from the sale of the property.

We believe in building strategic collaborations with lenders, brokers, and investors to service the alternative mortgage sector. CMFG does not offer unsecured loans. We are focused on mortgage investments secured against real estate in the marketable area with no negative influence.

  • Invest non-registered capital such as liquid cash with our Fund and earn up to 8% annual return – Paid quarterly
  • Invest in self-directed mortgages with your registered accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, RIF accounts and earn up to 10% annual return – Paid monthly

Investors must conduct a suitability requirement and due diligence process prior to investing with CMFG. This process is to assess the investor’s investment objectives, suitability to invest also to ensure the investor is not involved in money laundering or embezzlement activities. CMFG appointed Robson Capital Partners Corp., as the distributor of our securities. Robson Capital Partners Corp. is registered with the Canadian Securities Commission NRD # 38440.

In addition to the above, investors are strongly advised to obtain independent legal advice and taxation information from a professional accountant prior to investing.

Investors with ZERO risk tolerance should NOT invest

Our investor’s interest comes first. While mortgage investments carry some degree of risks, our primary mandate is to protect the interest of our investors by safeguarding capital, maintaining a reserved fund, completing thorough due diligence prior to funding while delivering consistent annual risk-adjusted returns to investors.


  • Consistent cash flow distribution monthly/ quarterly
  • Redemption features for investors
  • Capital preservation is of utmost importance
  • Investors are paid first before any other parties
  • Best practices in credit adjudication and risk management
  • Maintaining a zero default portfolio


  • Maintaining a reserved fund
  • Mitigating concentration risk by diversifying geographically, asset type, borrowers income source, credit, use of capital, appraised valuation and borrower’s repayment history
  • Diversification of risk. The risk of default is spread over a portfolio and investors are not directly subjected to default in any one mortgage
  • Conservative loan-to-value ratios for a safe exit. A sound exit strategy occurring within 12 month forms the basis of every investment decision
  • Investing in short-duration mortgages
  • Primarily focusing on lending against income-producing real estate ensures that there is income from the property to service the mortgage investment, which reduces the likelihood of defaults
  • In default proceedings, capital is redeemed by a form of collection from borrowers, the sale of the mortgage, refinance or enforcement of power of sale. We will ensure our investors are paid first before any other parties
  • CMFG does not lend behind other private lenders

As a recognized leader, when you work with CMFG, you are collaborating with trusted partners who have demonstrated success in delivering and completing transactions.


Mortgage Administrator: CMFG Mortgage Investments Inc. License # 12874

EMD Firm: Robson Capital Partners Corp. NRD # 38440

CMFG LP Legal Counsel: Barry Polisuk Garfinkle Biderman LLP.