Can you make money and maintain your integrity? Absolutely!

We at CMFG have options, so let us talk and see how we can work through deals together. Clients can and may walk in to the bank and be approved and feel that they do NOT need us but THEY DO – Why? From Brokers channel we could provide better rates and a more hassle free option to include advising the fine lines condition of the mortgage/finance product.  Now I’m not saying to clients or professionals to give up what you have secured but learn about your options and educate yourselves and your clients.

Money will always come if you do what you need to. SO I’ve noticed from speaking with professionals, they want to connect and do the right thing to close deals. I’m so appreciative of the amazing #Realtors that connected with me and I listened to their challenges and where their heart is at. I’ve turned down some because my focus and platform does not interconnect with their business practice or principle. However as a Broker and Lender I believe that I have influenced more than 70 realtors of how to approach their business. I’m sharing this because at times we need to reach out to others and ask their needs. It could be personal or business but if we don’t ask and show interest, we may never know. So I thank the brokers and realtors to include developers that reached out to me and brainstorm. It’s healthy and it is OK to speak about set backs. If life or our career was so perfect then it’ll be boring so it’s good to have challenges so we can evolve and use our brain to be more effective and efficient. It takes one awesome person to help another and I am that awesome being to help you refocus and rejuvenate and do the right thing while growing and making money in addition to maintaining your integrity. Your integrity is priority to maintain. #CMFG do not compromise that.

Contact the CEO Ameera Ameerullah to discuss on how we can collaborate together.  Hard work pays off – OR call 64794949885 ext 107