• Insured and conventional mortgages
  • Up to 100% financing ( construction cost)
  • Self-employed stated income program
  • No income verification
  • Non resident
  • Clients in default or power of sale
  • New immigrant
  • Consumer proposal
  • New graduates
  • Purchase plus improvement program
  • Investment properties
  • Rentals
  • Commission income and contract job
  • Bankruptcy
  • Challenged or no credit
  • Closing costs – 1.5% of purchase price for closing costs. Down payment can be from your own source OR gifted from an immediate family member.  Borrowed down payment is NOT acceptable to A or B lenders.

Our funding resources are from Tier 1 Banks, B Lenders, Trust Companies, Credit Unions or Private Lenders!


Whether you’re a first time or repeat home buyer, the process is the same. We can help you through the confusing maze of lender options and mortgage documentation. We will also help provide you with a pre-approved mortgage that will strengthen your position when negotiating the purchase price of your home.


There are many reasons why you may want to refinance or increase your existing mortgage. You can use the equity to consolidate non-mortgage debt, finance improvements to your home, invest in properties and leverage it to increase your net worth. Our underwriters will negotiate the best mortgage options and rate with your existing or new lender.


Bridge financing is a method of financing, used to maintain liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected inflow of cash. For example, when selling a house, the owner may not receive the cash for 90 days, but has already purchased a new home and must pay within 30 days. Bridge financing covers the 60-day gap between cash flows. We can arrange this financing for you at excellent rates and terms.


Your mortgage can be renewed three months before its maturity date without incurring a penalty with any lender. This time can be used to investigate mortgage options and we can help you find the most affordable rates and terms.


Most lenders now offer a no-cost or low-cost switching options. It’s a good way to reduce your interest costs and our mortgage professionals can offer you the best mortgage alternatives based on your current term and credit status.


Mixed use financing applies to any property that is zoned and utilized for both residential and commercial purposes like a retail store with apartments above it. These properties can be wonderful investments and we have the expertise to arrange the financing you need.


An existing mortgage can be transferred to a new property if the interest rate is much lower than the current mortgage rates Porting your mortgage prior to the maturity date will avoid any penalties for the remaining mortgage term. We can help maximize this opportunity.