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Ameera Ameerullah – Founder & CEO

Ms. Ameerullah has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She worked tirelessly with a drive to succeed and ranked her way up setting unique benchmarks in the Canadian Mortgage and Lending industry.  Ameera built several companies from ground up with the support of her dynamic and brilliant team. She is known as the “Woman Leading the Shift” – published in the Toronto Star, September 2017.

As an accredited professional of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Better Business Bureau and Independent Mortgage Brokers Association, Ameera specializes in property investments, asset management, real estate development, acquisitions and finance restructure. She is a property developer and entertain Joint venture opportunities on profitable real estate projects. Ameera has funded successful projects in residential and commercial real estate, hotels, mines and power plants in 3 different continents. Her successes include significant commercial and private projects in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Barbados and Africa. Her expertise in acquisition, investment analysis, development and construction finance has given her an iconic mark as CMP “Top Commercial Broker” in Canada as published in Mortgage Brokers news 2016. Ameera focuses on raising capital, investment management while heading the brokering side. She manages a registered investment portfolio for self directed mortgages, a debt fund and Shariah equity fund in Canada.

Among other accolades,  Ameera received the Award for “Best Alternative Lending Broker of the Year 2017” and most importantly,  she has been honored with the title as “Women of Influence” in the Canadian mortgage industry.

On a personal front, Ameera is a selfless and transparent woman who is committed to STOP elder abuse, vulnerability and despair. She is a Philanthropist, Social Service Worker and Strong Advocate for Human Rights. From a young age, Ameera developed this humble side and care for the elderly and orphaned children.  Her purpose is to empower, nurture and create a peaceful lifestyle for others. She is the Founder of DavidAnn Foundation for HIV Aids & Cancer, Restore Humanity and The Homeless & Orphan Foundation of Canada.  Ameera is a proud supporter and volunteer member when required of Casey House in Toronto, North York Women’s Shelter, Covenant House, Providence Healthcare, Sick Kids Hospital, Children’s Aid Society, Red Cross, International Development and Relief Foundation, and Centre of Addictions and Mental Health. Ameera believes in the empowerment of children, women, the elderly, volunteering her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse as well as individual suffering from addictions and mental illness.

As of 2017 – Ameera ventured into fulfilling one of her dreams where she started a Home-Care and Brain Health Day Program for the Elderly especially those living with Dementia/Alzheimers’.  She is the Co-Founder of HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc.

This heart-centred leader does not stop!  She’s currently a mentor and coach with FEMM International teaching young children and women about financial literacy and empowering them to become contributing members of society. She received the recognition for her ongoing volunteered contribution as Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate -Government of Canada.

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Ameera Ameerullah

Vice President, Investor Relations
Maroun Khalil

Vice President, Hospitality
David I. McMillan

Project Development & Consultant
Douglas L. Fowles

Commercial Analyst & Planner
Michael Hyman

Operations Manager, Underwriting
Linda Gibson

Administration & Marketing
Allameen Ally

Business Development Manager
Syed Bokhari

Business Development Manager
Julian Fitsalovich